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Emulating Moshe Rabbeinu

Moshe Rabbeinu was born on 7 Adar and passed away on 7 Adar, the same day.
What middah was Moshe best known for? Moshe is known as themost humble person who ever lived, as the Torah says, “And the man Moshe was more humble than any human on the face of the earth.” (Bamidbar 12:3)

Today, let’s do something to emulate Moshe’s humility… or any other one of his middos!

Your Challenge

Do something to emulate the middos of Moshe Rabbeinu.
You will receive 1 point for each act that you do (Max of 10 points).

For example:

  • Do a secret act of kindness, and don’t tell anyone else what you did.
    An anav (humble person) does the right thing because it’s right… not because they want to impress other people.
  • Say to another person: “You’re right.”
    An anav knows that being “right” doesn’t make you any greater. Maintaining peace is more important than being right.
  • Compliment another person
    An anav knows that everyone is born with a unique set of skills, talents, and life circumstances. Every person’s unique “package” is necessary for accomplishing their unique purpose in life.
  • Let someone else go ahead of you in line, or take a turn before you.
    An anav knows that every single person is important in Hashem’s eyes; no one person is more important than anyone else.

…Or do anything else you can think of, to emulate Moshe’s middos!

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