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Middos Challenges 3-Volume Set in Print

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Middos Challenges book 3 volume set preview

Join us in our mission of strengthening Middos in Klal Yisroel!

We’re thrilled to announce that Middos Challenges is coming to print!

This eagerly awaited 3-volume set will soon be available for purchase on Amazon iy”H.

You now have the opportunity to partner with us in this incredible initiative!

$874 Funded


Goal: $5,000

Sponsorship Opportunities


Diamond Sponsor

Includes 1 Full-page Dedication

+ Complimentary copy of all 3 Volumes


Gold Sponsor

Includes 1 Half-page Dedication

+ Complimentary copy of Volume 1


Middah Sponsor

Includes 1 Chapter Dedication

You can choose which middah to sponsor when you submit your dedication. 

+ Complimentary copy of Volume 1


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Includes 1 Lesson Dedication

If you have a favorite lesson, you can choose which lesson to sponsor after you submit your dedication.









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Donations are tax-deductible.

Why Our Readers Love Middos Challenges....

Thank you for your tremendous work! These emails are impressive, inspiring and full of content! I am so appreciative to have these beautiful words come to my inbox every week.

I love Middos Challenges. We read it and discuss it at our Shabbos table – it’s beautiful. We don’t need to get points for it to have a wonderful impact on our family! Thank you!

I just finished school and started working, and the emails are a great way to add more ruchniyus into my week. I especially appreciate the weekly challenges and the examples given – I find they are very practical and relevant to daily life. Thanks again!

I want to wish you a tremendous Yasher Koach! This project is exceptional. The content is superb and it makes Yiddishkeit alive and easy to access…

Before Rosh Hashana, I asked that one of my classes in Seminary sign up for this email. This week, I was teaching about a certain topic, and a girl noted that this was mentioned in the Middos emails! I was so impressed that she not only read it, but integrated it! Yasher Koach for all of your great work.

- Rebbetzin Shira Smiles

I really can't tell you how much I gain from your middos emails! I excitedly await for each new middah and I really put the lessons and ideas to heart. Yasher koach. May you continue to have hatzlacha in reaching so many people, and inspiring them to grow. This email group is amazing.