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Verbalizing Your Happiness

We spent the past few weeks learning how to deepen our feelings of simcha. 

We explained that each of us can increase our happiness by focusing on what we have – both by appreciating our physical possessions, as well as appreciating our opportunities to do mitzvos, which let us acquire eternal reward and closeness to Hashem. We also stressed the importance of being happy with yourself, by recognizing that Hashem created you with a unique set of skills, talents, and resources to enable you to fulfill a unique mission on this earth.

How can we hang on to these important concepts for the future?

Your Challenge

Every day, say to another person:
“I am so happy that _____”

(Alternatively, you can email or text someone.)


  • I am so happy that I have hot water in my house!
  • I am so happy to be sweeping the floor in honor of Shabbos, because it is helping me earn eternal reward in the World to Come!
  • I am so happy that I was born with an easygoing personality!
  • I am so happy that Hashem helped me find a parking spot easily!

By saying this out loud (or through text/email), you will increase your own feelings of happiness, and also spread positivity to the people around you!

If you do this for at least 15 days between now and Sunday, April 3rd, you will earn an extra 10 bonus points toward next month’s contest! We will ask you at the end of next month if you have done it.

Want help keeping track? Print out this chart, and check off each day!

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