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Start a Gratitude Journal

We are now ending the month of Shevat. We have spent the past 4 weeks focusing on Hakaras Hatov – noticing and expressing appreciation for many of the benefits we have received from other people and from Hashem.

Next month, we will focus on developing a different middah… But how can we keep the inspiration from this past month, going forward?

The Chovos HaLevavos [1] encourages every person to keep a personal account of all the gifts Hashem gives us on a daily (and moment-to-moment!) basis. The more we recognize and appreciate Hashem’s kindnesses, the more we will love Hashem and feel drawn to doing His Will through Torah and mitzvos.

And, as we explained in the first email, whenever we thank Hashem, we are fulfilling the entire purpose of Creation!

Your Challenge

Set aside a special notebook as your Gratitude Journal.
Every day, write down 3 things to thank Hashem or thank other people for.

For example:

Monday, Feb 15
Thank you, Hashem, for giving me a warm coat.

Thank you to my father for shoveling the snow.
Thank you, Hashem, for giving me a job that I enjoy.

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