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Davening for the Geulah

This past month, we have focusing on concepts related to Galus and Geulah. We have been trying to understand which sins got us into Galus in the first place, and how we can rectify those sins in order to get back out of Galus and bring our Ultimate Geulah.

First, we explained that the cause of our current exile is Sinas Chinam – baseless hatred among Jews. Sinas Chinam comes from having the mentality of a “taker” – spending all my time thinking about myself and what want. In order to rectify the problem of Sinas Chinam then, we must train ourselves to think like a “giver” – focusing on what other people need, and how we can care for them.

Next, we discussed how another struggle Hashem wants us to overcome in Galus is the challenge of remaining separate from the other nations. Just as the Jewish people were redeemed from Egypt in the merit of the fact that they maintained their Jewish names, Jewish clothing, and Jewish language – we, too, can merit to be redeemed by hanging on tight to our Jewish values and beliefs, and not letting ourselves become influenced by the secular culture around us.

Finally, we considered how one of the defining characteristics of Galus is that Hashem’s presence is hidden. This punishment of Galus is “midda kineged middah” – because by serving idols, the Jewish people were hiding and ignoring Hashem’s presence. Therefore, the more we try to rectify this sin by revealing Hashem’s presence and acknowledging His power in this world, the sooner Hashem will bring our Ultimate Geulah.

Every Tefillah Helps

Understanding our primary role in Galus – that we are supposed to keep trying to reveal Hashem’s presence more and more – can help us understand why so many of our daily tefillos center around davening for the Geulah.

Aside from the fact that Geulah is something we want very much, an important thing to understand is that the act of davening itself is a powerful way of revealing Hashem’s presence on this earth.

The act of davening itself is a powerful way of revealing Hashem’s presence on this earth.

Every time we daven, we are demonstrating our belief that there is a G-d who cares about us and listens to our prayers. Whether it’s looking for a parking spot, trying to find a suitable apartment, praying for parnassah, or asking that Hashem should put the right words in your mouth when you have that difficult conversation with a friemd… every prayer is an expression of our belief in Hashem’s power, and is rectifying the sins of those who turned to idols to ask to fulfill their needs.

It is for this reason, explains Rav Dessler1, that our tefillos have the power to bring Mashiach. How could it be that simply by asking for Hashem to bring Mashiach, it will make Hashem decide to bring him sooner?

Our tefillos have the power to bring Mashiach.

The answer, as we just explained, is that the very act of tefillah itself works to achieve the goal that we were put into Galus to achieve. As Rav Dessler writes, “the length of our Galus corresponds to the thickness of Hashem’s hiddenness in this world.” The more we allow Hashem to remain hidden from our awareness, the longer our Galus will be. But the more we daven and cry out to Hashem, the more we will be revealing His presence in this world and therefore the sooner Hashem will bring the Geulah.

In the coming weeks, as we move on to discuss other topics, let’s not forget these important lessons that the month of Av has taught us. Let’s try every day to take a moment to daven for the Geulah, and hopefully in this merit Hashem will bring Mashiach soon, heal all the sick people, solve all our problems, and let the world finally achieve the ultimate purpose for which it was created.

Sources: [1] Michtav Mei’Eliyahu Vol. III. pg. 67

Your Challenge

Once a day, daven for the Geulah.

You can do it by speaking to Hashem in your own words, or by having kavannah in one of the parts of the siddur where we daven for the Geulah anyway.

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