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Say It’s in Hashem’s Control

In the past few weeks we learned that Bitachon means knowing that nature is just an illusion; Hashem is the only power and driving force behind everything in this world. No person or natural element can harm us unless Hashem allows it. No one can help us either, unless Hashem wants them to help.

Bitachon also includes the belief that whatever happens is for the best. Hashem has a master plan for each of our personal lives and for the universe as a whole. Everything that happens is part of this master plan and is meant to fulfill a good purpose. 

Finally, even though Hashem can do anything, Hashem still requires each of us to invest effort (hishtadlus) to try to get what we need – whether in pursuit of money, health, social status, food, strength, or otherwise. As we do our hishtadlus, we can be relieved to remember that our success is ultimately up to Hashem – our efforts are only creating a pipeline through which Hashem might choose to send what we need. But once we have fulfilled our obligation of hishtadlus, Hashem can send the solution through any way He chooses. All successes and (failures!) come only from Hashem. 

Bitachon affects our perspective on both the past and on the future.

Bitachon affects our perspective on both the past and on the future.

Looking at the past, having bitachon means recognizing that if something happened to me, it means that Hashem wanted it to happen, and it was for a good purpose.

Looking toward the future, having bitachon means knowing that Hashem has the power to help me with whatever I need. I can feel calm and rest assured that no person or thing can harm to me unless Hashem allows them. Therefore the best and only place to address my prayers and hopes is toward Hashem.

In order to help us hang on to bitachon throughout the next month as we move on to focus on a different middah, we present to you the following long-term challenge: 

Your Challenge

Once a day, say out loud that you recognize something is in Hashem’s control.


  • Even though it looks like the bus driver is in control of this bus, I know that the bus cannot move unless Hashem wants it to move.
  • I am sending my shidduch resume to a shadchan but I know the shadchan is just messenger. Only Hashem decides when I will get married.
  • I am exercising to try to be healthy, but I know that ultimately, my health is only in Hashem’s hands.
  • Although it looks like I cooked a delicious dish on my own, I know that only Hashem decides if my food will taste good.
  • I am studying so hard for my test, but I know it’s just fulfilling my hishtadlus – ultimately, only Hashem decides how well I will do on my test.

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